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When you think of traffic stops, speeding probably comes to mind—and for good reason. Going too fast accounts for 34 million speeding tickets every year in the United States. Speeding is a leading cause of accidents. For every 100 speeding tickets, there are 5.6 fewer injuries and 14.3 fewer crashes.

But there are other reasons why police officers make traffic stops. Some of these are probably things you do every time you drive. All of these mistakes can be easily avoided, so the next time you get in your case, use some common sense and avoid getting pulled over.

Not Using Turn Signals

The lights on your car are there for a reason. Turn signals communicate your intentions to other drivers. If you don’t use them and end up in an accident, you could be at fault. If a police officer sees you trying to make a turn without using your turn signals, you could be pulled over. So be polite and use them.

Improper Lane Changes

If you need to change lanes in order to get off the freeway or move away from a semi truck, then you can certainly do so if it is safe. However, too many lane changes in a short amount of time will get you noticed by a police officer—and not in a good way. if you’re acting like you’re in a race, you are being reckless and could get pulled over.


Tailgating happens quite often, especially when a driver is stuck behind a slower vehicle and is experiencing road rage. But that doesn’t make it right. A tailgater can get pulled over and cited. Tailgating can lead to a life-threatening rear-end accident, which would be your fault. The car in front of you can stop at any time, so keep some distance if you want to protect your driving record, your car and your life.

Distracted Driving

When you’re driving, you need to be focusing on the road in front of you. However, many drivers are trying to multitask when behind the wheel. They may be texting, eating, reading, applying makeup or dealing with rowdy kids. Distracted driving is common among teens. Forty percent of teens have been a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was on their phone. This is a dangerous practice that often leads to fatal accidents. If a police officer sees you looking in another direction besides straight ahead, you could be pulled over.

Contact an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Something as innocent as a traffic stop can lead to an arrest, jail time and fines. It’s important to understand your rights if you are ever pulled over.

Police officers have to follow a set of rules and procedures after pulling you over. If you are arrested at a traffic stop, it’s important that you discuss the incident with an Orlando criminal defense lawyer right away. At Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law, we will aggressively fight to protect your rights. We can find evidence to get your charges dropped. Contact our offices today at (407) 377-0150 to see how we can help.

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