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Two sisters were found dead in a house in Orlando recently. Although no one has been charged, the police have suggested that the double homicide was a result of a domestic incident. One woman’s boyfriend was questioned and is considered a person of interest. Although there were no immediate arrests for the shooting of the women, the police used 3-D imaging to document the scene. As modern technology becomes more common in police investigations, more evidence from violent domestic incidents becomes available. This availability of evidence increases the likelihood that someone is convicted of an abuse.

Domestic Violence in Florida: What You Should Know

In Florida, domestic violence is taken seriously. Even misdemeanors can have a severely negative effect on a person’s future. The Florida legislature defines domestic violence crimes as those that occur when a victim is physically injured or killed by a family member or household member that commits one of the following offenses:

Theses offenses are listed in the statute (Florida Statute §741.28), but any criminal offense that involves a family member who was injured or killed as a result of the crime will constitute domestic violence. These crimes carry severe penalties regardless of whether someone was killed and should be taken seriously.

Domestic Violence Consequences

Domestic Violence in Florida is a serious crime and th legislatures have included several enhancement penalties for these offenses.  The enhancements for domestic cases include mandatory fines, jail if the court finds that the person intentionally caused bodily harm to another and Battery Intervention Program (BIP).  The BIP is 26 weeks of intensive domestic violence related counseling.  A person who is charged and found guilty of domestic violence may also face jail time, community service, fines, and probation.

Domestic Violence and Gun Laws

It is being reported that the two women killed recently were shot while they were sleeping. Although Florida has strict domestic violence laws, their laws relating to firearm possession are weak. Most people do not realize that Florida prevents some domestic violence abusers from possessing firearms. To achieve this, Florida has begun conducting firearm background checks to confirm that firearm purchasers do not have domestic violence offenses on their records. In addition, those who are subject to restraining orders are not allowed to possess firearms.

If you have been falsely accused of a domestic violence dispute and you would like to ensure that you do not lose your gun rights, then you should contact an attorney today to discuss how the charges could potentially affect your future.

Protect Yourself from Family Drama

If you have been involved in a violent family feud and would like to speak with someone that cares about your side of the story, contact our firm, Moses & Rooth. We are hear to and can help you better understand the potential consequences of your current situation. Do not hesitate to contact us at 407-377-0150 for your free consultation today.

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