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The State of Florida prescription drug database launches today.  This database is intened to combat the increase in prescription drug crimes such as prescription fraud or doctor shopping.  In a nutshell the law now requires pharmacies and dispensing physicians to upload information into the database within seven days of filling the prescription.

The database will allow doctors and pharmacists to view your medical history and see if you are attempting to obtain the same prescription that a different doctor has already prescribed.  However, the doctors and pharmacists are not required to examine the database and it has yet to be seen whether or not they will do this voluntarily.

As a criminal defense attorney I have seen an incredible increase in arrests for prescriptions drugs like oxycontin, xanax, and valium.  I am not sure if this database will lead to a decrease in use and abuse of these drugs or if it will simply give law enforcement another tool to target the addict who exhibits drug seeking behavior.  The database does not prevent the sale of durgs on the black-market nor does it stop the unscrupulous doctor from over prescribing this powerful medication.

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Andrew Moses

Andrew has been practicing criminal law his entire career. After graduating from law school he began working as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting cases in Orange and Osceola Counties. During his time as an Assistant State Attorney, Andrew handled all types of cases ranging from misdemeanors to such serious felonies as drug trafficking and armed robbery. His experience as a prosecutor helped him gain perspective of the criminal justice system and how the government established its cases.

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