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Just about everyone uses social media nowadays to post updates about everything from hobbies to family to what they ate for breakfast. We live in society where we share too much, which can actually get you in trouble with the law.

What you share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media site can have legal consequences. In fact, many people have gotten arrested on DUI charges after sharing videos of them drinking and driving.

If your fans and followers can see what you’re posting, law enforcement can too. So the best thing you can do is to not share anything incriminating on social media. If you do, and are now facing criminal charges, contact an Orlando DUI defense lawyer from Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law right away.

Examples of DUI Arrests from Social Media Posts

Think twice before sharing online. Here are a couple examples of people who now have a criminal record thanks to their foolish decision to glorify drinking and driving:

A Hawaii man was arrested in 2013 after he posted a video called Let’s Go Driving, Drinking!” on a video-sharing site called LiveLeak. The video shows the man driving while opening a beer and taking a swig. The man, who created the video as a parody, was shocked when police came to his home to arrest him for driving without a license and consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle. He claimed that there wasn’t any alcohol in the bottle, so he would need a judge to believe him.

In 2015, an Ohio man was arrested after posting a video on Facebook of him drinking and driving. The clip showed him in his vehicle taking a swig of alcohol from a bottle. There was music in the background, but the man did not speak. The video was just 12 seconds long, but it was enough for a sheriff to arrest him on DUI charges.

What to Keep in Mind

If you’re using social media, chances are law enforcement agencies are using it too. Many professions are taking advantage of social media to catch criminals and those frauding government systems.

What you post on social media is considered evidence that can be used against you in a court of law. Anything you post online can be legally used by government agencies to arrest you and charge you with a crime. Sometimes there are hoops that law enforcement agencies must jump through, so even if you delete an incriminating post, an agency can subpoena Facebook or some other site to gain access to the deleted content. But in many cases, law enforcement officials find all they need simply by clicking around.

Contact an Orlando DUI Attorney

Oversharing on social media can lead to criminal consequences. If you are facing charges due to a Facebook post or photo on Instagram, you need legal help right away. Your first step should be to contact an Orlando DUI defense lawyer who understands the Florida legal system and will aggressively fight to protect your rights. Contact the offices of Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law today at (407) 377-0150 to discuss your case with us.

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