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Ryan Malone facing DUI and cocaine charges

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 16, 2014

Ryan Malone, a forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning, is facing both DUI and cocaine charges after being arrested in Florida. Malone was driving in a large SUV when he made a left turn and ran over a curb. This was at 3:15 in the morning, and nearby officers were already watching the vehicle as this happened.

The officers responded by pulling the vehicle over. They thought that Malone was driving under the influence, but he would not do the field sobriety tests, as is his right. They took him in and gave him a breath test at the station. He took the test twice, and tests indicated that he had a blood alcohol content of .112 and .116. Both are over the legal limit in Florida, which is .08.

While they were arresting him, though, Malone’s pockets were searched. In one of his back pockets, the arresting officers found cocaine. For that reason, he is now going to face drug charges as well. It is unclear if he had used the cocaine prior to driving the vehicle or if he simply had it with him at the time of the arrest. In either case, possession and use of cocaine are illegal, so he will still have to face the charges.

It doesn’t matter whether or not someone is a famous athlete, anyone who is arrested on DUI or drug charges deserves a fair and unbiased trial. Being charged with a crime does not make someone automatically guilty. Guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence presented by the prosecution. Criminal defense attorneys help ensure that a defendant’s rights are protected.

Source: USA Today, “Ryan Malone charged with DUI, cocaine possession” No author given, Apr. 13, 2014

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