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Anyone arrested for domestic violence already knows the weight that such accusations carry. Even when the charges are baseless, the arrestee is already convicted in the court of public opinion. However, a recent domestic violence arrest appearing in national headlines could help to prevent some from jumping to conclusions when accusations of domestic violence are made.

A few weeks ago, a young Florida couple was wed in Fort Lauderdale. In accustomed fashion, the bride and groom stayed out late to jubilantly celebrate their marital vows. However, the husband left the party without the wife, after he allegedly spotted her dancing with another man. He returned to their home in the well-to-do community of Lighthouse Point. Soon after, the bride returned home and – not surprisingly – an argument ensued.

While criminal proceedings have not yet revealed the details of what exactly happened in the young married couple’s home, police responded to a 9-1-1 call. According to the police, when they arrived they saw the shirtless husband holding down the wife with one hand while holding a phone in the other. The police separated the husband and wife and assessed the situation.

After allegedly discovering bite marks on the man, law enforcement arrested the woman for domestic battery. While the criminal proceedings unfold, the judge ordered the wife to stay away from her husband, as an injunction or restraining order is typically issued following a domestic violence arrest.

While this story has captured the nation’s attention because of the rocky start to the couple’s marriage, the public could stand to learn a few things from the story:

  • Domestic violence charges aren’t gender-specific. Both males and females face accusations of domestic violence.
  • Domestic disputes occur in all communities. Whether rich or poor, nearly all marriages involve heated arguments from time to time.
  • Alcohol can amplify emotions. While Floridians enjoy the right to spirited celebration, it can sometimes help escalate a simple disagreement into a call to the police.

Even when a husband or wife pleads for the charges to be dropped – as is the case with the young Lighthouse Point couple – it is extremely rare for prosecutors to drop a case or for a judge to show leniency. It is crucial for the accused to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney and follow all of the court’s orders, including conditions of an injunction or restraining order.

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