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Accusations of committing a sex crime always carries a serious social stigma — no matter whether or not a person is convicted. Protecting reputations is one of the reasons why it can be beneficial to pursue a strong criminal defense. Not long ago, police busted six women and one man for prostitution near Orlando’s South Blossom Trail.

Reports indicate that authorities turned to the area to conduct a sting operation, since it apparently has a reputation for prositution. All seven arrests took place at various times over the course of one night as part of a law enforcement “sweep.”

Law enforcement officials indicate that most of those arrested already have a record of solicitation. Furthermore, three of the individuals have been identified as homeless. This shows that a number of the individuals might be under significant financial stress. As a result, they may be resorting to prostitution as a source of income, something they might not do if their situation was different.

When handling criminal defense for prostitution charges, it may be important to look at all circumstances surrounding the incident. Building a comprehensive case could help at all stages of the criminal process — including the trial and sentencing.

Having prostitution on a criminal record can be damaging when seeking future employment. As such, working with an experienced attorney can help mitigate the short- and long-term consequences of being arrested during a prostitution sting.

As Orlando Police continue to pursue prostitution charges aggressively through stings and other means, it will be important for those caught up in accusations to understand their legal rights.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Prostitution sting on OBT snares 6 women, 1 man,” Desiree Stennett, July 13, 2013

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