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Following the completion of a time-consuming investigation, police in Orlando have arrested 18 individuals and charged them with drug trafficking offenses. The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation for the Orlando Police Department was responsible for the arrests. Officials say that the department had been monitoring four of the arrested individuals for quite a while before apprehending them. Allegedly, police investigations began late last year.

Multiple agencies from Central Florida were involved in the investigation that ended with a recent drug raid. Authorities suspect that one of the arrested individuals was in charge of the alleged drug trafficking operation. The man has been arrested at least 27 times for various felony offenses.

Most of the 18 suspects that were apprehended in this undercover operation have criminal histories involving violence, according to police. Now they will face even more charges largely related to drug offenses. Authorities believe that the supposed drug trafficking organization made use of an Orlando stash house where they stored marijuana and cocaine. Police claim that they found more than 14 ounces of cocaine and over 25 pounds of marijuana at the home.

It should be stressed that those arrested in this drug trafficking case will have the opportunity to defend themselves in criminal court against the charges. Individuals suspected of drug crimes in Florida (no matter how large or small) may be able to mitigate their legal situation through the application of various criminal defense strategies. Some of these could prove successful in getting a suspected individual’s charges dropped or dismissed or to obtain a reduction in potential punishments in the event of a conviction.

Source: News 13, “Alleged drug operation busted by Orlando MBI” No author given, May. 22, 2014

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