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In a lot of cases, celebrities accused of crimes like drunk driving will have the financial means to hire the best legal counsel available. As a result, these individuals may have a better chance of achieving favorable results during their DUI defense proceedings. In the highly publicized DUI case of Justin Bieber, though, the public and gossip columnists are still waiting with baited breath to see how the case concludes.

According to the most recent reports about the Bieber DUI trial, which is being carried out in a south Florida courtroom, the litigation of the case has been subjected to yet another delay. During a hearing that was held on a recent Wednesday, prosecutors asked the presiding judge to give them three more weeks in order to negotiate a plea deal, which — if successful — could prevent the case from going to trial. As a result of the approved postponement, the next hearing has been set for Aug. 5.

The DUI and resisting arrest allegations against Bieber stem from an arrest that occurred in Miami Beach on Jan. 23. Police claim that Bieber was involved in an illegal drag race with a friend. Police conducted a breathalyzer test on Bieber, which allegedly showed his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit for underage drinkers in Florida of 0.02 percent. However, police urine samples revealed that the pop star had anti-anxiety medication and marijuana in his system. In addition to the DUI and resisting arrest charges, Bieber was also charged with having an expired driver’s license.

Following a Florida drunk driving arrest, accused individuals will have a variety of options available to them. They will be entitled to legal representation and a DUI defense. Even if they do not have the economic means to afford the services of an attorney, a public defender will be provided free of charge. During their criminal proceedings — if successfully navigated — accused individuals may be able to get their charges dropped or dismissed, reach a plea bargaining arrangement and/or achieve other favorable results.

Source: My Fox Orlando, “Another delay in Justin Bieber’s Fla. DUI case” Curt Anderson, Jul. 16, 2014

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