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Robert Kraft

By now you know that the Jupiter Police Department has been conducting a human trafficking and prostitution sting, specifically targeting different day spas. It appears that investigation spanned Palm Beach, Martin, and Orange Counties and that the investigation proceeded over a period of eight months. Unfortunately, this type of investigation and arrest of the owner and those frequenting the “spas” are not uncommon. The girls working the spa are being forced to perform sexual acts and are essentially sex slaves working for the owner of the spa.  This type of story will make the papers for a day or so and then fade away. However…

When one of the “Johns” who frequents this type of establishment is the owner of the reining Super Bowl Champs, things are a little different. Bob Kraft, multibillionaire and owner of the Patriots is accused a soliciting a woman for sex acts twice within the last month. Now everyone is presumed to be innocent, even the owner of the Patriots, and Mr. Kraft has denied any wrong doing. However, the Jupiter Police Department is claiming to have graphic video evidence of the men who paid for sexual services at the spa. As an aside, the idea that Bob Kraft was caught on video for illegal acts is true karma and certainly put a smile on every non-Patriot NFL fan #spygate.

Even weirder than a multi-billionaire being involved with a prostitution sting from a day spa in a strip plaza is the fact the affidavit seems to indicate that Mr. Kraft is alleged to have visited this fine establishment on January 20, 2019. Why is that weird? Well, if accurate, Mr. Kraft must have needed this tension reliever because his team was playing the Chiefs just a few hours after the encounter. Certainly explains why Kraft looked so calm during the overtime win that sent his team (literally) to the Super Bowl.

So what’s going to happen for Mr. Kraft? Well, assuming the state attorney’s office believes that they have the evidence to go forward with the prosecution, Kraft will receive notice of the case at his home in Boston. He will have to appear in court or an attorney will appear on his behalf. After that all the discovery (police reports, videos, witness statements) will be given to the defense attorney. Mr. Kraft will then go to trial or enter a plea agreement.

What might a plea agreement look like?

In Florida, solicitation of prostitution has certain mandatory conditions. These include 100 hours of community service, $5000.00 civil penalty (no big deal for a someone with a net-worth of north of six billion dollars, but hefty for most) and they must attend “an educational program about the negative effects of prostitution and human trafficking…”. Additionally, there could be fines, probation, and, while incredibly unlikely, up to one year in jail per count.

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