Orlando Jury Trial Attorneys

When a person is charged with a crime, he or she faces the possibility of having his or her case tried in a courtroom. While not every criminal case goes to trial, many do, and it is necessary and vital to your future to ensure that your attorney has ample trial experience.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando, Florida, criminal defense lawyers represent people throughout Central Florida. As former prosecutors and defense trial lawyers, we have the necessary experience to protect your rights at trial and secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

The Basic Steps of a Jury Trial

The basic elements of the complex process of a jury trial are as follows:

  • Jury selection: A panel of prospective jurors is sent to the courtroom, where they swear under oath that they will be honest regarding all questions pertaining to their qualifications. The judge and attorneys for both sides engage in a process called voir dire, which essentially involves questioning each prospective juror to ensure he or she is free from bias as it pertains to the case. People will be excused from being on the jury until 6 people remain — this jury of your peers will listen to the facts of your case and make a finding.
  • Trial: In a criminal trial, the state has the burden to put on the case. The prosecution begins with an opening statement, followed by the defense attorney’s opening statement. Each side then presents the evidence in the form of exhibits and witness testimony. The prosecution then gives a closing argument, followed by the defense attorney’s closing argument.
  • Jury deliberations: After hearing instructions from the judge, the jury begins deliberations. The jury reaches a verdict by drawing conclusions from the evidence that was presented to them by the prosecution and defense. In a criminal case, all 6 jurors must agree on the decision of guilty or not guilty. If the jurors do not agree, a mistrial or “hung jury” is declared, and the case may be heard again before a new jury. If the jury reaches a verdict, the verdict is announced to the courtroom.

We’re Prepared for the Possibility of Trial

As your experienced defense attorneys, we prepare for the possibility of trial. We are formidable and smart in the courtroom, consistently protecting and defending our clients’ rights.