Orlando Arson Attorneys

With the catastrophic rise in home foreclosures in Florida, the rate of arson has increased as well. Often, arson is seen as a way to avoid the financial loss of a foreclosure or short sale. Others may attempt arson and fraudulently obtain a settlement from an insurance policy. Unfortunately, arson is a crime and those facing arson charges face a possible felony conviction and extensive prison time.

If you face arson charges in central Florida, contact the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. We have handled arson cases involving revenge arson and insurance policy-related arson. We can provide aggressive and knowledgeable legal assistance for all arson-related criminal offenses.

How We Can Help You Fight Your Arson Charges

Arson charges, like other criminal charges, are decided on facts. Florida statute section 806 explains the laws regarding arson.

Arson resulting in injury to another and arson involving false fire alarms, firebombs or the prevention of the extinguishment of a fire are criminal mischief. However, arson is usually associated with those who willfully set a fire and cause damage to property.

A thorough investigation, conducted by a knowledgeable attorney, then, is needed to fully protect your rights. The state attorney’s office may have expert testimony from a fire inspector to prove the fire was intentionally set. If you are charged with the offense of arson, an experienced criminal arson attorney can review the state’s evidence and prepare your defense.

Firm lawyers Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth can investigate your arson charges while addressing key questions. Was the fire, in fact, arson? If so, who really started the fire? As former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys, attorneys Moses and Rooth can navigate the legal system for you while fighting diligently for the reduction or dismissal of your charges.

If circumstances warrant, we can also bring your case to trial. Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who have handled hundreds of jury trials. For more information and to schedule a no-charge consultation with an experienced Orlando arson attorney, contact our Orlando law office.