Orlando Driver’s License Suspension Lawyers

It is difficult to get around Orlando without a car. As a result, losing your license after a DUI arrest can have a serious impact on your life. Without a license, you may not be able to get to work, school or other commitments easily.

After you are arrested for a DUI, you will be facing two types of suspensions: The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) suspension AND a suspension from the criminal DUI charge.

First, you will need to address the issues involving the DHSMV suspension. If you want to save your license, it is important that you act quickly. You only have 10 days to request a hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Furthermore, you may qualify for a business purposes license or a Hardship license and avoid any complete driver’s license suspension if you act within 10 days of the arrest. An attorney can help you through the process of requesting a hearing, obtaining a hardship license and fight the revocation of your license.

The DHSMV can suspend your driver’s license if you have refused a breath, urine or blood test OR if you have submitted to a breath, blood or urine test where the Blood Alcohol Level (BAL/BAC) is .08 or higher.

This suspension from the DHSMV can be between 6 – 18 months from the DHSMV.

You will need to consult the following forms to request a license:

  • 72034 – Request for Eligibility Review
  • 78065 – Request for Formal or Information Review Hearing
  • 78306 – Application for Hardship/Administrative Hearing

Criminal DUI DL Suspension

The second possible suspension is if you have been criminally convicted of the DUI. This secondary suspension begins on the date of your conviction even if you have obtained a business purposes permit from the DHSMV. You may need to reapply with the DHSMV for a new hardship license after the criminal conviction.

The license suspensions after a criminal DUI conviction include:

  • First DUI conviction — suspension for a minimum of 6 months and a max of 12 months.
  • Second DUI conviction more than 5 years from your first DUI conviction — suspension for a minimum of 6 months and a max of 12 months.
  • Second DUI conviction within 5 years of first DUI — suspension for a minimum of 5 years and a max of 12 months
  • Third DUI conviction not within 10 years of previous DUI — suspension for a minimum of 6 months and a max of 12 months. However, if even one of the DUI priors is within the 5 years you will have the mandatory 5 year suspension
  • Third DUI conviction within 10 years of previous DUIs — Suspension of a minimum of 10 years
  • Fourth DUI conviction — Mandatory permanent Drivers license revocation

If your license is suspended, it may also be possible to secure a hardship license. The hardship license also referred to as a Business Purposes License will allow you to drive to work, school, the doctor and other essential needs. There may be a waiting period before you can obtain a hardship license, depending on how many DUI convictions you have had and other factors. We can explain the process and how it will apply in your case.

License Revoked?

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