Orlando Prescription Alteration Defense Lawyers

More so than most crimes, prescription drug crimes involve people who are not generally thought of as the criminal type. In fact, many people who find themselves facing prescription drug charges are people who started taking prescription drugs in a perfectly legal, acceptable fashion.

Regular People Facing Serious Charges

Some of these drugs, however, prove to be seriously addictive, and regular people lose control and start doing whatever it takes to keep taking the drug. A common example involves altering prescriptions. A person goes to the doctor and obtains a legal, valid prescription, then alters the prescription after the fact, changing:

  • The type of drug
  • The amount of drug
  • The number of refills
  • The potency of the drug

Although this might seem like a pretty harmless act to some, the law takes prescription drug crimes seriously. If you have been charged with prescription altering in Florida, it is essential to work with a team of lawyers who have the experience and focus to help you get the most minimal sentence possible.

Our Orlando prescription alteration attorneys are both former prosecutors, and we have focused our entire careers on handling criminal justice matters. We know criminal law from the defense and the prosecution sides. In many cases, we can use our client’s addiction problems and clean past record to increase the changes of reduced sentences and alternative forms of punishment.