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Domestic Battery
Let us handle your Orlando domestic battery defense

Orlando Domestic Battery Defense Lawyers

Domestic battery situations and charges frequently occur “out of nowhere.” Often, we are contacted by busy professionals who had an unexpected, one-time blow-up and who have never before been involved in criminal proceedings. We frequently hear both from:

  • Alleged perpetrators who need help with fighting charges, and
  • Alleged victims concerned with the criminal sanctions faced by their spouse or partner

Domestic battery charges can result from shoving, pushing, threats and hitting, and a domestic violence/battery conviction can result in mandatory jail time following a conviction or plea, depending on whether there were injuries.

If you need help either as the victim or aggressor following an alleged incident of domestic violence, contact the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. We have handled numerous domestic battery cases both as prosecutors and as criminal defense lawyers and can advocate for your rights in many ways. For example, for alleged aggressors we can:

  • Work to have a no-contact order modified so you can enter and live in your home and see your children
  • Appear at your hearings
  • Fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed

For alleged victims, we can:

  • Work to have a restraining order implemented
  • Advocate for the rights of your partner if you regret contacting law enforcement officials and are concerned about the possibility that your significant other may go to jail

Aggressors face other legal sanctions upon conviction or a plea, including a 28-week counseling course. For a no-charge consultation with an experienced attorney, contact our Orlando or New Smyrna Beach office.