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Domestic Strangulation
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Orlando Domestic Battery Strangulation Lawyer

An example of a domestic violence battery is strangulation. Strangulation domestic violence charges are a third-degree felony and can be extremely serious. On top of the fines and possible incarceration, there is a good probability that strangulation or domestic violence charges could result in a restraining, or no-contact, order. This could mean that you would lose your right to see your family. A domestic-related conviction of strangulation may be deportable if you are not a United States citizen, and it may include incarceration and becoming a convicted felon. Further, this type of legal trouble could cause you terrible embarrassment in the community, destroy your reputation and hinder your career. With the possibility of an online Florida domestic violence database, which would be retroactive if implemented, it is especially important to avoid conviction of domestic violence.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we can help you with all of the legal aspects of the domestic violence charges you are facing. Both of our Orlando domestic battery strangulation attorneys are former prosecutors. We can help with every aspect of your case, from what to do if you are charged with domestic violence through every phase of your criminal trial.

Domestic violence can include many different types of violent acts, including sexual assault and kidnapping, committed by someone in a domestic relationship to the victim. Domestic relationships can include family members, household members and partners in dating relationships. If you have been charged with strangulation in a domestic violence context, contact us. We can help you with all aspects of your case:

  • Criminal defense strategy: Many domestic violence claims are exaggerated, and in other cases, a domestic strangulation could be as serious as a fatal domestic violence Either way, it is essential to work with lawyers who will aggressively defend you.
  • No-contact/restraining orderWe can represent you in the restraining order/no-contact hearings. If the domestic violence claim was falsified, we can help you defend your right to see your family.
  • Bond hearings/modifications: After a domestic violence arrest, you might just want to see your family, and your spouse or other loved one might agree that this is acceptable. We can help you work with the court to reduce bail amounts and modify the conditions of release.