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If you are facing allegations of domestic violence or family abuse, you know that the ramifications of these accusations can be serious and immediate. The accuser may have left you with little social traction, causing you to be removed from your home and family without much recourse. Being charged with domestic assault does not have to be the end of the road for your reputation, however; you can combat these allegations using a variety of legal strategies employed by our trained attorneys.

When you are the subject of a restraining order — or you are charged with child abuse or domestic battery — you may not know what to do. Turning to an experienced legal team may be the right answer for your professional and social future. First, our attorneys will thoroughly analyze your case and the associated evidence, even interviewing the victim for more information. Key questions asked during this analysis may reveal additional mitigating circumstances that can lower your risk of jail time and other severe consequences.

Those who are facing domestic violence charges still deserve to have their rights protected in court. Attorneys may be able to help defendants address bond issues, perhaps allowing them to leave custody while their case is being processed. Further, a trained legal team can help expedite your case by making specific appeals to the court in your interest.

Whether you are facing allegations of domestic strangulation, false imprisonment, battery or any other domestic violence charge, you deserve the full protection of the Florida legal system. Our attorneys may be able to pursue alternative resolution in your case, allowing you to attend therapy or substance rehabilitation instead of having to spend time behind bars. Your life does not have to end simply because of a domestic violence conviction or arrest.

Source: Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law, “Orlando Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers” Sep. 01, 2014

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