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Markeith Loyd gained national infamy for shooting and killing Master Sgt. Debra Clayton when she confronted Loyd at a Wal-Mart this past Monday, January 9.  Additionally, Deputy Norman Lewis of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office died in a traffic crash while responding to the manhunt for Loyd.  If that weren’t enough, it is also alleged that on December 13 Loyd shot and killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Lasha Dixon, and shot and wounded Ronald Allen Stewart.  Soon thereafter an arrest warrant was signed by Judge Donald Meyers. Now there is a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the capture of Loyd.


For those keeping track, Loyd is accused of shooting and killing 3 people, including his unborn child, and wounding another.  The police are undergoing a massive manhunt.  All family members are being interviewed in hopes of find Loyd.  As of today, three people have been arrested for aiding Markeith Loyd.

Three Arrested for Aiding Loyd

The three people who have been arrested for aiding Markeith Loyd are Zarghee Mayan, Lakensha Smith-Loyd, and Jameis Slaughter.  All three are accused of violating Florida Statute 777.03, accessory after the fact.  Essentially, they are accused of providing some sort of aid to Markeith Loyd knowing that he had committed a crime.  They are accused of helping Loyd knowing that he had killed his ex-girlfriend.  They are NOT accused of providing aid after he had killed Sgt. Clayton.

Zarghee Mayan

Zarghee Mayan was Loyd’s employer at New Texas Fried Chicken.  His arrest affidavit indicates that he was questioned on December 14 about Loyd and while initially denying any contact with him, he eventually stated that he spoke with him the night before, December 13.  He was also aware that Loyd had killed Ms. Dixon.  Mayan initially indicated that Loyd came to the restaurant armed with a gun and made him drive to an unknown location off of Lee Rd and dropped him off.  On January 9, Mayan was interviewed again and told an entirely different story.  During the second interview Mayan was aware of the shooting death of the ex.  He drove Loyd around after seeing him at a drug house.  He also made arrangement to give Loyd money for the hours that he previously worked.  On January 7, he also had provided food to Loyd.

Lakensha Smith-Loyd

Lakensha Smith-Loyd is Loyd’s niece.  She too was arrested accessory after the fact by providing aid to Loyd.  Her arrest affidavit indicates that he was making phone calls on his behalf and collecting money for him so that he could continue to avoid arrest by law enforcement.

Jameis Slaughter

The third arrest is for Jameis Slaughter.  Ms. Slaughter was Loyd’s ex-girlfirend.  She is accused of trying to get money from a tenant at Loyd’s apartment.  The report indicates that she was collecting the money to give to Loyd.

Obviously, it is wrong for anyone to aid a person accused of committing a crime particularly as heinous as killing your pregnant ex-girlfriend.  The fact that three people were all assisting him is more disturbing.

I think that sending a message to the community that helping a person after they committed a crime is not only wrong but criminal.  I think making it clear that those who assist a person in avoiding detection after they killed someone will result in their arrest and prosecution.  However, I am a bit cynical.  I don’t know that any of these arrests occur if Loyd doesn’t murder a police officer.  I don’t know that a follow up interview ever occurs with Mayan if Sgt. Clayton hadn’t been killed.  Sometimes tragic events spur change.  People may be less likely to lend assistance if they feel that their freedom is at risk.

I hope that Loyd is caught and justice is served.  Maybe the senseless deaths of Dixon, Clayton and Lewis will spur this change.

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