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If you have been arrested outside of the state of Florida for a crime committed in Florida, you may be subject to extradition. This is the process by which the fugitive is arrested and returned to the demanding state.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Florida extradition defense lawyers are committed solely to defending people accused of crimes. We use our experience to put clients at ease during all criminal processes. As former prosecutors, we understand the procedures for obtaining an extradition warrant and will use our insight to provide you with straightforward legal representation and guidance.

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The following is a common example of an extradition situation:

If you are arrested in Florida for a crime and fail to appear for a court date, a warrant will be issued. If you are arrested in another state for the warrant, then you may be held in that state until the Florida authorities pick you up and transport you back to the original Florida county to face the criminal extradition charges. Once you are returned to Florida, the warrant will be served upon you, and you may post a bond if a bond was originally set on the case.

Being arrested on an warrant where Florida is trying to extradite can be a frustrating a lengthy process. Whether you have been arrested or know that there is a warrant for your arrest, we step in immediately to determine the strategy for your case. We will consider the options of challenging the extradition or assisting to obtain a bond for your release from custody.

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