Thousands arrested in Florida domestic violence crackdown

George Zimmerman has been grabbing headlines recently in what is now the most high profile domestic violence case in the state of Florida. After allegedly pointing a shotgun at his new girlfriend, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. After a friend posted his $9,000 bail, Zimmerman was released on November 19.

George Zimmerman is the not the only Floridian facing legal troubles this fall after being accused of committing a domestic violence offense. Law enforcement authorities around the state recently wrapped up a domestic violence crackdown that netted thousands of arrests.

More than 2,500 picked up for alleged domestic violence in month long sweep

Known as Operation Safe Families, the domestic violence initiative was conducted by the Florida Sheriffs Task Force. Operation Safe Families ran from mid October to Mid November, and spanned 33 Florida counties.

Across the state, 2,587 individuals were arrested on domestic violence charges as a result of the initiative. According to law enforcement authorities, a number of other arrests also stemmed from the pursuit of investigations related to Operation Safe Families; including the domestic violence arrests, they put the full arrest total of the initiative at 5,544.

Last year, Florida law enforcement agencies received 108,046 reports of suspected domestic violence incidents, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Domestic violence charges are serious; talk to a Florida criminal defense attorney

Couples, families and even friends occasionally get into disagreements. When an argument becomes heated, things can get physical, and allegations of domestic violence often follow.

Domestic violence charges can be very serious in Florida. In certain circumstances, sentencing enhancements can kick even a domestic violence charge that seems relatively minor into felony territory with the possibility of real time behind bars.

A domestic battery charge, for example, can quite easily become a third degree felony even if great bodily harm did not result if you have prior convictions. In addition to having a prior record, using a deadly weapon, committing violence with a child present, causing bodily harm intentionally, strangulation and committing battery against a pregnant woman are all factors that commonly lead to sentence enhancements for domestic violence charges in Florida.

It can be understandably troubling to be charged with a domestic violence offense. Not only are you facing penalties within the criminal justice system, a conviction could even jeopardize your job and personal relationships. Fortunately, with a strong legal defense, many of those accused of committing domestic violence are able to get charges reduced, or in some cases, dropped. If you were among the many Floridians arrested in the recent domestic violence crackdown, get in touch with a criminal defense attorney today to begin crafting a strategy for your case.