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A jury has recently ruled on a case in Florida involving a man who suffered from permanent disabilities, and the man has been awarded an amount of $11 million. The lawsuit was not against the driver himself, however, but against the club that he was a part of, which is known as the Okeechobee Eagles Aerie #4137. The lawsuit claimed negligence on the part of the club, indicating that they should not have let the 73-year-old man leave in his vehicle since he had been drinking alcohol.

The driver who was injured was riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and he was passing the club when the man pulled out into the road. The elderly man blocked the bike’s path with his Ford F-350, a heavy duty pickup truck, causing the accident. The biker attempted to stop and even managed to lock his brakes, but there was no way that he could keep from slamming into the truck.

The driver of the truck was arrested on a number of different counts, including leaving the scene of the crash.

The biker’s injuries after the wreck have limited him in three different ways. He has trouble remembering things, he has difficulty walking, and he has some issues with his eyes, though exactly what they are was not specified. He and his wife claim that the injuries in total have changed their lives forever.

While this man was convicted, it is important for those who are setting up a DUI defense to know what their rights are. Those charged with a crime have a right to an impartial and fair trial. Those convicted of a crime have a right to appeal the verdict. A criminal defense attorney works to protect those rights and provide a strong defense against the charges.

Source: Okeechobee News, “Okeechobee jury awards $11 million in DUI lawsuit; motorcyclist hit by drunk driver left permanently disabled” Eric Kopp, May. 20, 2014

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