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Orlando Federal Charges Criminal Defense Attorneys

While federal criminal charges are generally similar to those at the state level, the approach to defending yourself in federal court is more complicated. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need to ensure you have experienced legal counsel by your side.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we focus our efforts solely on providing strong criminal defense representation to individuals throughout Florida. With an in-depth knowledge of the criminal process and a keen understanding of the various defenses to common federal criminal charges, we have what it takes to provide comprehensive defense services.

Protecting You When You Need It Most

The U.S. government wastes no time in beginning criminal investigations. It hires the most experienced investigators and forensic consultants to help compile evidence in a broad array of cases, including:

To ensure you are protected at every stage of the federal criminal process, seek skilled legal representation. Our Orlando federal criminal defense lawyers are prepared to protect your rights from day one and onward, including general pre-indictment federal defense to counsel and representation during a federal sentencing.

As your legal counsel, you can rest assured that we will be putting all of our resources to work for you. We will make ourselves available to you whenever you have questions and will ensure you are kept abreast of any changes that may occur throughout the process.