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Stupid Criminals…How about dumb laws!

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 8, 2014

Every so often you will read your local paper to find that a defendant was caught because he left his ID at a bank he robbed or the person who was arrested after trying to sell stolen merchandise back to the person they robbed.

Well these are certainly news worthy but what about the dumb laws that all states have on the books.  For example here in Florida it is illegal to have a sexual relations with a porcupine.  Seems that if you are having sex with a porcupine the criminal justice system is the least of your worries. Besides I hear that porcupines are just “pricks”.

Anyway, photographer Olivia Locher took these ridiculous rules and created a photo collage of people being caught breaking the law.  Visualizing these absurd rules is extremely entertaining.  Then you realize that someone had to think up these law, have them passed by a legislative body, and then signed by a governor. That thought is less entertaining and more pathetic.


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