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In 2014, Daniel Markel, a law professor at Florida State University, was murdered. Prosecutors blame Markel’s ex-wife for his death, but only the hitman who committed the murder and his girlfriend will stand trial. The case went to trial in early October. After a trial that lasted only one day, the jury ruled to sentence Sigfredo Garcia for first-degree murder. The jury reached its decision within 30 minutes, perhaps due to the grisly execution-style murder. The prosecution argued that the jury should impose the death penalty, however the jury imposed a lifetime prison sentence instead.

Hitman’s Girlfriend Will Likely Face Charges Next

During the trial it was presented that in July 2014, the defendant traveled from Miami to Tallahassee with another man with the attempt to kill Markel. When he arrived at the law professor’s home, he murdered Markel execution-style in his Tallahassee garage. Prosecutors will attempt to charge the hitman’s former girlfriend for hiring him to kill Markel. 

During the trial, the defendant claimed that the other man in the car fired the gun, killing Markel. The second man in the car, Riveria, is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence for second-degree murder. Riveria pled to a lessor charge of second-degree murder charge in exchange for testifying against the defendant and his girlfriend. 

This case becomes even more complicated when it comes to who financed the murder-for-hire. Allegedly, the victim’s ex-in-laws spent $100,000 to fund it. Markel and his ex-wife underwent a bitter divorce. Before his death, Markel reportedly asked a Florida family court to stop his ex-wife’s mother from having unsupervised time with her grandchildren. The grandmother allegedly made disparaging remarks about Markel to his children. Prosecutors have not yet charged Markel’s in-laws for allegedly hiring the murderer of their ex-son-in-law. 

Orlando, Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys 

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In Florida, the conviction of a violent crime can result in serious fines, prison sentences, and a permanent criminal record. When a criminal conviction becomes part of your criminal record, you may have difficulty finding employment. You could be prohibited from working in specific employment fields. Furthermore, criminal convictions for violent crimes often come with a negative social stigma. 

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