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Don’t Carry that Firearm at the Orlando Airport

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 25, 2013

Over the last couple of days, law enforcement has been seizing more firearms at the Orlando international Airport. Fortunately, these isolated cases were most likely related to individuals who simply forgot to remove the personal weapons from there carryon luggage before entering the airport. Even though it may have been an innocent mistake, law enforcement has a zero tolerance policy regarding the entering dangerous weapons into the airport. This means you will be arrested even though you are in a rush to catch a flight for an important business meeting. This past week, 3 individuals who appeared to have forgotten about the weapons in there luggage were arerested even though they immidiately stated that this was a mistake.

Law enforcement has a number of different ways to proceed with criminal charges. The State Attorney’s office can file a felony charge under Florida Statutes §790.12(2) Carrying a concealed firearm or misdemeanor Florida Statutes §790.06(12) Carry a concealed Weapon into an airport. Another option is for the City Attorney’s office to file a city ordinance complaint for unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon at the airport. Furthermore, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will issue either a civil warning or notice of civil penalty for carrying the firearm into the airport.

The State of Florida considers the entire airport terminal off limits to carry a firearm even for license holders. Since the most recent increase in weapons seizures, the Orlando international airport has considered posting larger signs in the parking areas to remind passengers to leave the weapons behind.

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