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If you have been arrested for a crime, you most likely are entitled to a bond, which would allow you to be released from incarceration until your court dates. A judge will consider many factors when determining a bond, such as the nature of the crime, past criminal history, whether you are a risk to disappear and not show up for your court date, and whether you are a danger to the community. If the judge sets a bond, additional conditions of release may be attached to your release. A judge may require:

  • GPS
  • Home confinement
  • Pretrial release
  • No contact with victim
  • No return to residence
  • Passport forfeiture
  • Nebbia hold
  • Curfew

Bond hearings are an extremely important part of the legal process, because the judges use these hearings to consider the conditions of release. Our Orlando bond hearing attorneys have a wealth of experience helping clients improve the conditions of release. At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, both of our principal lawyers are former prosecutors who focus exclusively on criminal justice matters. We are here to help you.

Do not wait. Call us as soon as you are arrested or you think you might be facing some kind of legal trouble. The criminal justice system moves fast, and we want to be able to help you as much as possible, as soon as possible.

Bond Hearing

Many issues could be brought up for reconsideration at a bond hearing. We can represent you at the hearing and improve your bond conditions that include:

Having Bond Set

In many cases, due to the potential for flight, danger to the community or the nature of the crime itself, a judge will not allow for the possibility of bail/bond. We can file a formal motion to set bond and, at the hearing, present testimony and proper legal arguments for the court to consider setting an appropriate bond.

Lowering Your Bond

In some cases, judges set the cost of bail extraordinarily high. We can file a Formal Motion to Reduce Bond and present evidence that the bond is excessive. We will present arguments to the court in order to have the bond lowered.

Altering Conditions of Release

Bond will usually come with a set of conditions, the violations of which will eliminate the bond. Many of these conditions can be negotiated with the judge and possibly altered to your benefit:

  • No-contact/restraining orders:It is required in domestic violence cases to grant bond release on the condition that the accused makes no contact with the alleged victim. The problem is that this is your family. In many cases, by the time the arrest is made, the couple has reconciled and the alleged victim agrees to let the accused visit the family. In these cases, we can file a motion to allow contact with the alleged victim and work toward eliminating a no-contact order.
  • Ankle monitors/GPS trackers:These devices are intended to keep track of a defendant’s location, maintain a curfew and track a defendant so he or she does not enter certain zip codes or neighborhoods where an alleged victim may reside. Not only are these devices extremely expensive, but these monitors may have a serious effect on your employment and your daily routine. We can file a motion to delete these conditions.
  • Home confinement:Home confinement is not an uncommon condition of release. If this will cause you hardship, we will work to file motions to change this condition of your release.

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