The Future of Florida? A Database of Domestic Violence Offenders

Those convicted of domestic violence already face severe consequences in Florida. However, the consequences may be raised a notch in the next few years. Some states, such as Texas, have proposed laws for the creation of a free online database that would list the name, date of birth and photograph of individuals convicted of domestic violence or dating violence.

Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer filed the House Bill. Fischer says the proposed law would promote safer dating, because men and women could search for their prospective date’s name before agreeing to go out. Fischer also believes it may have an overall decrease in instances of domestic violence and abuse.

However, the concept of a domestic violence offender database is not without opposition. The database would stigmatize domestic violence offenders much like convicted sex offenders. Domestic violence offenses can result from heated arguments or minor physical altercations; it may be extreme to stigmatize a person for life in such instances. An entry in the database could cost an excellent worker a great employment opportunity, or cost them a chance to coach their child’s little league team.

Fischer’s bill also fails to explain how the database would be funded. In large states such as Florida and Texas, many domestic violence arrests occur each day. Keeping an update on subsequent convictions would cost a lot of money.

Will Florida Follow Suit?

Florida does not currently have proposed legislation for a domestic violence offender database. However, most of the nation will keep a close eye on the status of the Texas bill. Florida does have an undeniable domestic violence problem and many Florida and Orange County officials are looking for ways to reduce episodes of domestic violence.

Even if it takes Florida years to create a domestic violence offender database, the online system could list all people who had been convicted of such offenses at earlier times. For this reason, it is crucial for people who have been accused of domestic violence to vigorously challenge the charges.

The Current Consequences of a Conviction

Putting aside the possibility of the domestic violence registry, men and women convicted of domestic violence face serious consequences in Florida; some of them include:

  • Fines – increased fines for domestic violence related cases.
  • Jail or Imprisonment – if the person is adjudicated guilty of a domestic violence charge and the person has intentionally caused bodily harm to another person, the court shall sentence to a minimum of 5 days jail.
  • No Contact Orders– this may prevent you from returning to your home and restricting contact with family members.
  • Mandatory Counseling
  • An Affect on Immigration issues
  • An Affect on Child Custody issues
  • Loss or Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon
  • Emotional, Personal and Family Hardships

Domestic violence charges can dramatically change one’s life, it is crucial to take them seriously.

Protect Your Future

An Orlando defense attorney’s expertise is an invaluable asset in defending yourself against accusations of domestic violence. A lawyer experienced with domestic violence defense can help you form a defense strategy and achieve the best possible outcome.