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Woman in Florida given DUI charge after running over pedestrians

Written by Moses & Rooth on March 19, 2014

A woman who was visiting Florida from Ohio drove into a group of pedestrians who were crossing the street, even pinning one under her car, and police later determined that she was well over the legal limit for alcohol consumption when the accident occurred.

The police had been assisting people who wanted to cross the street at a number of places due to the large crowds. The traffic had come to a stop, and the officers were letting people cross in front of the cars. According to a woman who saw the accident happen, some people decided just to cut through the stopped traffic, going behind the cars instead of crossing where the officers were standing. As they were crossing the street, they walked right into the truck’s path, and the woman ran into them.

The officers came down after the accident occurred and took the woman out of the truck, but she would not perform the field sobriety tests. She did let them take some of her blood for testing. It was later determined that she was still over the legal limit even four hours after the incident took place.

Three people were seriously injured in the crash. All of them were taken to a local medical center, and one of them was airlifted to get her there more quickly. The truck was also damaged in the accident, but the woman who was driving did not appear to have been injured.

In a case like this, all sides of the story have to be considered, including whether or not the pedestrians broke the laws while jaywalking in traffic.

Even if drivers who have charged with DUI are found guilty, it is important for their representation to ensure that they do not receive unfair sentencing, and to work for the best outcome possible.

Source: WESH.com Orlando, “FHP: Woman charged with DUI after pickup truck hits pedestrians” Michelle Meredith, Mar. 13, 2014

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