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Florida Police Policies on Use of Force

Law enforcement officers should use only the amount of force necessary to mitigate an incident, make an arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm.

Simple directions and

Less Than Lethal:
weapon used as a means to control potentially violent or assaultive subjects

Any force that can result in death
or great bodily harm

University of Central Florida Police Use of Force: Reviews the General Order of University of Central Florida’s procedure to resistance. It defines how the department reports incidents regarding resistance. learn more
Osceola County, FL Use of Force Policy & Procedure: The procedures that the Osceola County police department refers to in regards to policy, resistance, aggression, and standards of the department. learn more
Orange County, FL Use of Force Matrix: A matrix that reviews the grid used by police to determine the use of force. learn more
Orange County, FL Use of Force Policy: A general order for all sworn personnel in the Orange County area regarding the use of force including different procedures such as batons, chemical agents, and other weapons. learn more

Click on any of the following cities to learn more about that areas' police use of force policies:

Lake MaryWindermereWinter Park
Seminole CountyWinter GardenWinter Springs


Florida Police Body Camera Policies

Legislation requires Florida law enforcement agencies to have policies for using body cameras.

Osceola County, FL Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

The review of procedures for Osceola County, FL for body cameras for officers and the guidelines of recording audio and video. This not only includes body cameras in the field but in an interview room as well.

learn more
Lake Mary, FL Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

The Lake Mary, FL Police Department’s procedural steps in the use of body cameras for police officers. It reviews the training that officers receive as well as the use and storage of video.

learn more
Orlando, FL Police Department Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

The mobile video recording systems policy for the Orlando, FL Police department. Reiterates the importance of how the body cameras are not just for the officer’s, but the public’s safety as well.

learn more
Seminole County, FL Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

The Sheriff’s Office policy on in-car video/audio devices to better help record interactions between officers and the public which include how and how long video recording is automatically activated, etc.

learn more
Orange County, FL Body Camera General Order:

The guidelines and procedure of wearing a body camera for all sworn personnel in Orange County.

learn more
Orange County, FL General Order of Mobile Video Equipment:

All sworn personnel’s order of using mobile video recording devices such as prohibitions and general operating procedures.

learn more
University of Central Florida Police Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

Recalls the process officers use with body cameras. Reviews the type of incidents they are required to record, as well as how often they upload the footage, and the training they receive.

learn more
Windermere, FL Police Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

This policy reviews Windermere, FL police department’s directions and guidance for the use of electronic control devices for police officers. The use of policies such as this one should comply with the law, including the fourth amendment.

learn more
Winter Garden, FL Police Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

Outlining the use of body cameras in Winter Garden, FL which includes general information, data management and security, as well as restrictions.

learn more
Winter Springs, FL Police Body Camera Policy and Procedure:

In-car video system management that was recently purchased for the police department of Winter Springs, FL. Outlines the policy and guidelines for the new systems and how they will be implemented to help protect officers and the public.

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Florida Police Policies

A course of action adopted and pursued by a government, ruler, political party, etc.: our nation's foreign policy

Osceola County, FL Police Patrol Operations Policy

The Osceola County of FL has a strict set of policy procedures for the patrol operations that list details about high risk situations, first line supervisors, and even include aircraft incidents.

learn more
Orlando, FL Police Department Policy and Procedure

All employees of the Orlando, FL Police Department are required to assert force that falls within the state law. Police brutality is a popular topic and this article reviews the departments response to resistance and apprehension techniques of the department.

learn more
Florida Inmate Orientation Handbook

A detailed orientation of inmates processes and rights for incarcerated inmates under the Florida Department of Corrections. It is a guide to help understand the procedures, requirements, and routines and includes information about programming and incarceration in general.

learn more
Orange County, FL Traffic Enforcement

A special order of traffic enforcement in Orange County. This includes topics such as speed measuring devices, traffic records, and traffic section uniform.

learn more

Florida Police Report Form Examples

Below is a list of different forms used throughout Florida and the information needed for police reports. Click the link for more information.

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