Everyone on probation wants to have the judge grant an early termination of probation and remove all the special restrictions, meetings with the probation officers and court requirements. A motion for early termination of probation can be considered by a judge anytime, but most judges will not consider the motion until the original probation term is half way completed and all conditions are completed. The court will not grant the early termination automatically — an individual must petition the court for early termination.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando criminal defense lawyers focus solely on providing strong criminal defense services to people throughout Central Florida. We have in-depth knowledge of the process involved in seeking and obtaining early termination of probation.

Have You Completed the Requirements for Early Termination of Probation?

Individuals serving probation must adhere to strict requirements. Some of the most common violations include: Failure to meet with the probation officer, failure to complete community service requirements, failure to make financial payments for fees, costs, or restitution, or being charged with a new crime. It is recommended to complete all these terms of probation and have an attorney file the Motion for early termination of probation. While ending probation before the original specified time does not give someone permission to commit a new crime without consequences, it can reinstate many of your freedoms.

We can file a Motion for Early Termination of Probation to end the probation early. The court typically requires that a minimum of half of the original terms are completed. To be considered for early termination of probation, the courts will require that the following conditions exist:

  • The probation requirements have been completed.
  • The fines are paid.
  • No new law violations.
  • Probation has not been violated.

While these requirements must usually be met for the early termination to be granted by the judge, it often helps if the state attorney and the probation officer do not object to the motion.

As experienced attorneys, we will prepare a complete motion with the proper paperwork and documentation for the court to make a ruling on the early termination. You can rest assured that we will devote our time and resources to you.