Defenses to Violations of Probation

Probation officers are required to file an affidavit regarding a violation of probation if you fail to complete your requirements or if you get arrested for a new crime while on probation. It is important that you contact an attorney as soon as you are aware that your probation officer is filing a violation of probation or violation of community control.

At Moses and Rooth Attorney at Law, our Orlando criminal defense lawyers represent people throughout Central Florida. When you have been accused of violating probation or of committing a new crime, you need to act fast to protect your rights. Our attorneys respond with urgency to the matter, striving to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.


We Can Help You Avoid Probation Violation Penalties

If you violate probation, a Judge can impose the maximum penalty for the original charge. When a violation of probation is alleged, the Judge may sign the warrant and not include a bond. We can file a motion to set a bond and present testimony to the Judge on why you should be released from jail.

We will analyze the reason for your violation of probation and determine the best way to defend your case. If your violation of probation is for allegedly committing a new offense, the best way for us to assist you is by defending you against these new allegations.

Oftentimes a person has violated for not completing certain conditions of probation. We are often able to assist them in complying with their requirements of probation. Oftentimes by coming back into compliance, we are able to have the violation dismissed or have a better chance of the judge issuing a lesser sentence.


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