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Police officer arrested for possible prescription DUI offense

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 27, 2014

A police officer has been taken into custody on charges of drunk driving in Florida. The officer, who is employed by the Daytona Police Department, was arrested in the very same city after she lost control of her personal vehicle and crashed it into a ditch. Fortunately, neither she nor anyone else suffered injury in the incident, but the Mustang she was driving was damaged on its left side.

The crash and arrest occurred on a recent Thursday evening at approximately 11 p.m. According to the arrest report, the woman failed to negotiate a turn. When officers arrived on scene, the allegedly woman smelled of alcohol and was walking unsteadily.

Two witnesses also concurred according to police reports, saying that they saw the woman in a gas station not far from where the accident occurred. They said that she appeared to be affected by an intoxicating substance. Police say that when they asked woman what happened, she said that she missed her exit. Reportedly, she also admitted to drinking two alcoholic beverages and taking a pharmaceutical drug for shoulder pain.

This Florida police officer has now been placed on administrated leave while police continue their investigations. Indeed, a DUI arrest can be extremely detrimental for a public servant of the law. Regardless of one’s professional occupation, the consequences of a DUI arrest (even prior to conviction) can be life-altering. Fortunately, there may be many explanations for why an individual appeared to be inebriated at the time of an accident. In cases of prescription DUI, for example, the accused individual may have suffered an adverse, unplanned reaction to a prescription drug. In certain cases, individuals may be able to defend themselves successfully against the DUI charges in court.

Source: Click Orlando, “Daytona Beach police officer arrested on DUI charge” Daniel Dahm, Jun. 20, 2014

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