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A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in Orlando, Florida, and charged with child neglect and prostitution, as well as theft. She allegedly lured men to her home with solicitation of sex with young girls, and then the men were robbed at gunpoint when they entered the home. Her scheme was said to have been going on for about four months before she was busted.

It all started when a 17-year-old friend moved in with the woman. The teen was expected to watch the woman’s 2-year-old child to pay for her keep. Then a 16-year-old runaway moved in with her 17-year-old friend at the house. The woman allegedly exposed her scheme to them and asked them to join her.

The woman ran an enticing online ad for prostitution. The girls were mainly supposed to be decoys for the men who answered the ad. When the men arrived at the house, they paid at the door. Then as they entered the house, some were robbed at gunpoint, while others were treated to the promised sexual favors with one of the girls.

Alleged gang members were used for the robberies, and the woman received a portion of the take. According to what the woman allegedly told the girls when she exposed her scheme to them, she was making thousands of dollars a week. However, her scheme went sour when the 16-year-old runaway decided to go back home to her family. She told family members about the criminal activity she was involved in. The 16-year-old alleges that she actually only had sex with three of the men and was mostly used as a decoy.

The 22-year-old woman, now facing these felony charges, will need a strong defense team to counter these charges. Unfortunately, this woman has been arrested previously on charges of aggravated battery, which will not help her attorneys when trying to portray her innocence in this case. However, people need to remember that allegations are not fact, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Source: Daily News, “Florida mom used underage prostitutes in robbery scheme: sheriff” Doyle Murphy, Apr. 06, 2014

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