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Getting a fake ID is a tempting endeavor for young people in Florida. An ID showing an age of 21 or older provides the ability to buy alcohol for friends and permits access to all the popular bars and nightclubs.

In the eyes of many youths, a fake ID is a right of passage to coolness. It shows that the holder has the guts and confidence to fool store attendants and bouncers in order to join an older crowd that lives in total freedom without rules. But, as quickly as these little cards seem to grant freedom, they can also take freedom away and haunt a person for the rest of their life.

Serious legal consequences result from having fake IDs, and it is important for youths to know the magnitude of the risk they take to use one.

Florida Law and Consequences

Minors gain access to fraudulent IDs in various ways. They can buy them from strangers in person or online, alter the birth date of their own IDs, or take expired driver’s licenses from older family members who look like them. What they often do not realize is that they are putting themselves at risk of severe consequences, and the act of using a fake ID is far from innocent. Furthermore, their friends or loved ones who provided the IDs are also at risk of criminal charges or even being victimized for identity theft.

In Florida, a person who sells, manufactures, or gives a fraudulent ID for the use of a minor faces charges of a third degree felony punishable by fines and time behind bars. Similarly, Florida prohibits the use of any form of identification that misrepresents the true age and identity of the holder. Possessing and using a fraudulent ID can also amount to third degree felony charges, where the holder is subject to the same punishment. In addition, the holder can face charges for fraud and have their driver’s license revoked for 60 days.

Charges resulting from the use of a fake ID are not only serious, but will follow defendants for the rest of their lives and leave an everlasting stain on their juvenile or permanent records. Schools, employers, and law enforcement will be able to see the charges and automatically assume that the defendant’s character is dishonest and untrustworthy.

Seek an Orlando Fake ID Attorney

Charges for using or providing fake IDs should not be taken lightly. However under the right circumstances, defendants can get their charges dropped or have their juvenile or permanent records wiped clean.

At Moses & Rooth, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are here to help. Our lawyers are skilled at navigating through the criminal justice system, and can work to minimize the repercussions of the charges against you. We understand how difficult life can be with a criminal record. Do not let the fake ID charges plague your life. Contact our Orlando or New Smyrna office today to find out how we can help clear your record and fight to protect your rights.

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