Orlando Charity Races & 5K Guide

Running for local charities in Orlando, Florida is awesome. Running from the law? Not as awesome. If you’re facing criminal charges, contact Moses & Rooth.

If you’re running for charity at a local 5K in the Orlando area, we’ll be there too. Moses & Rooth, Attorneys At Law are dedicated to helping people in Orlando, and not just with their legal problems. We participate in races benefiting local charities. We believe in supporting the local community. Look for us in these and other 5K’s- we’ll be wearing our “Run Like You’ve Got A Warrant” T-Shirts.

Love Local Charities?

So do we! Get involved, and help others learn about local charity races and events. Scroll down to find the”Embed” code below to share.


Running from the law may result in criminal charges of fleeing a police officer. “Run like you’ve got a warrant” should not be interpreted as legal advice. We strongly discourage evading arrest. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, call an experienced Orlando criminal defense lawyer.