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Innocent until proven guilty? In America, that’s the way the law is supposed to work, but what about public opinion? If someone is accused of sex crimes, especially against a child, they are often publicly ruined.

Everyone deserves their day in court and the opportunity to plead their case before being stamped with a guilty verdict. Unfortunately, even if found innocent, it is often too late to save one’s reputation once “sexual predator” has been attached.

A Florida man, accused of raping a 12-year-old relative, was recently arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee. Officials will be extraditing him back to Florida to face molestation charges. Detectives have been trying to apprehend the man for over six months. Believing he was in Knoxville, they asked the Great Smoky Mountain Fugitive Task Force to assist them. With their help, they apprehended him in the downtown area.

While the man was referred to as one of “Tennessee’s most wanted,” the Florida man has his own side of the story. He claims he is innocent. He alleges with “100 percent” certainty that he was set up. According to the man, he had a bedroom in the house, and the girl set him up.

The man claims he traveled to Tennessee by Greyhound bus last September and has been there since Tennessee and Oregon faced off in football. He says that his employment in Florida was over.

Whether this man is innocent or guilty will be up to a court to decide. He will need a good defense team to prepare a detailed and thorough defense plan. The man has a previous criminal record, which includes some drug charges and grand theft auto.

Source: Local 8, “Accused child rapist talks after arrest in Knoxville” Lauren Davis, May. 21, 2014

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