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A Kissimmee man accused of lying about being robbed and assaulted during an attempted drug buy was recently taken into custody.

The man told Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies that he had planned to meet with an unknown woman to make a drug deal. But when he went, the Kissimmee man said two men accosted him, taking his wallet and cellphone.

However, this story now appears to have been a lie, according to police. Officers found the man’s cellphone and wallet in his hotel room after a brief investigation. They arrested the man on charges of attempting to buy marijuana and filing a false report.

While the man faces potential repercussions for his purported actions, it could have been worse. The Kissimmee man could have been charged with possession of marijuana if the drug buy had actually occurred.

Under Florida law, marijuana convictions are potentially costly. Depending on the severity of the crime and the amount of the drug possessed, being found guilty of possessing marijuana can lead to the loss of driving privileges and career opportunities, as well as the possibility of jail time and potentially thousands of dollars in fines.

Possessing 20 or more grams of marijuana is a felony and can be punishable by jail time of up to five years, a driver’s license suspension and a $5,000 fine. If a person is found guilty of possessing less than 20 grams, possible sentences are jail time or probation of one year, a $1,000 fine and driver’s license suspension.

All accused of possessing marijuana are innocent until proven guilty. To provide answers to questions about the Florida possession laws, drug crime experts can be of assistance.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, “Man arrested after deputies say he lied about being attacked while buying marijuana,” Desiree Stennett, June 13, 2012

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