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Florida Suspending Driver’s License Due to Fraud

Written by Moses & Rooth on March 30, 2017

On January 29, 2016 Misty Ziminsky was arrested for falsifying records, official misconduct, unlawfully issuing a driver license, and criminal use of a public record.  Apparently Ms. Ziminsky had been issuing driver licenses to individuals who did not take the driving test or were given the answers by another individual.  Well, Ms. Ziminsky was in a lot of trouble and is now on felony probation for 10 years.  Part of her probation is to testify against anyone that was a part of this fraud.

Now the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles also known as the DHSMV or the DMV is trying to suspend the license of those people who were issue licenses by Misty.  People who were issued licenses by Ms. Ziminsky were recently sent notice that their license is being suspended for “obtaining a driver license by fraud”.  They are not being told of the underlying reason for this suspension.  They are simply sent a notice that their license will be suspended on a particular date and that the suspension will be for one year.

If you have received an order of license revocation, suspension or cancellation it is important that you contact an attorney today.  We will request a hearing to contest this suspension.  We will argue against the department’s belief that you were issued a license fraudulently.  Hiring an attorney with the knowledge of these issues is important.  Call today to set up a free consultation regarding obtaining a driver license by fraud.  Dial 407-377-0150 to speak with an attorney now.

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