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Florida man with extensive record assaults girl in Walmart

Written by Moses & Rooth on July 15, 2014

A man in Florida who has a list of arrests for sex crimes has recently found himself facing more charges after he allegedly touched a girl while in a local Walmart. Most recently, the man was allowed to leave prison in the summer of 2013. This event could end up putting him back behind bars again if he is convicted.

According to authorities, the entire thing was recording by the various security cameras in the department store. It appears that the man followed the girl, perhaps establishing an intent to assault her. He then touched her the first time, and she went to another part of the store. The man allegedly tracked her down there and touched her again.

The girl is 12 years old. Another shopper who was asked, who has children of her own, said that a situation like this is frightening and that every parent dreads having something of this nature happen to their children.

One interesting aspect of the previous stint in jail, the one that ended in June of 2013, was that the man was given a sentence of 11 years. For reasons that are not immediately clear, he did not have to serve more than roughly three years of that sentence before being released. His name has been previously added to the Sex Offender Database used by authorities across Florida.

In this case, he has been denied bond. Police have stated that they do have some suspicion that this girl may not be the man’s only victim.

When facing molestation charges or similar sexual charges, those who have been accused still have the right to a fair trial for the current allegations, regardless of their history of other convictions and jail time.

Source: Click Orlando, “Sexual predator molested girl at Walmart, Palm Bay police say,” Shaun Chaiyabhat, July 9, 2014.

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