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Recently, Moses & Rooth conducted a survey to investigate how different demographics prefer to find an attorney when facing legal hardships. One of the findings illustrated that parents prefer referrals to find an attorney rather than any other source. In fact, more than half of the responses indicating a preference for referrals belonged to parents.  How could this be? Why would they not prefer speaking to their friends or using the Internet like other demographics? What is it about referrals that attract such a strong inclination from parents?


Though most people value their privacy, parents have a particular interest in keeping their matters private when they have a family to protect. Many things can go wrong when gossip gets out about legal issues, especially those of a sensitive nature. Parents want to be careful in keeping their children’s best interest in mind. Kids can get made fun of at school when other children’s parents catch wind of the pending legal battle and fail to guide their children how to behave. In addition, kids’ friendships can whither when other parents make judgments and decide to keep their own children away and cease all play dates.

Not only must parents protect their children’s well being, but they must also tread carefully about their own standing in the community. When it comes to sensitive legal matters, friends are not always trusted to refrain from gossip. In some communities, the members may often feel compelled to interject their opinion or provide unsolicited advice on how to deal with the issue, which tends to make the matter more frustrating than it already is.

Lack of Time

Parents are busy and have no time for trial and error when it comes to finding an attorney. Though consulting friends can be helpful at times, it is not always beneficial. A friend may feel that her attorney was the best in handling her case, but that does not mean that her attorney will be great at handling a case of another kind. For example, a friend may say that they had a great personal injury attorney, but he or she might not do well in dealing with a divorce case.

Furthermore, parents with already tight schedules might feel as though they do not have time to fiddle around on the Internet, scouring through hundreds of lawyers who all advertise their excellence. Calling different offices and setting up consultations with various attorneys can be a real time-suck and is not ideal for busy parents, who would rather be focusing on the needs of their children.

Referrals Could Do the Trick

Ultimately, parents want what is best for their kids and family. Although online reviews or friend referrals can be helpful, they are not always the most reliable for specific situations. Parents have a lot to balance and protect, and therefore want to get their legal matters handled correctly the first time. Perhaps referrals are the best way to privately seek out a lawyer that can work well with their circumstances and schedule.

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