Fighting a Charge After Miranda Rights Were Violated

When facing criminal charges, defendants often have questions regarding whether their rights were respected during the arrest. Common questions include: What does it mean if my rights weren’t read to me? Was I pulled over by the police legally? Was my home searched legally? Would a violation of my rights make a difference in my case?

These questions are important questions because, if your rights were violated, it can affect your case. Police officers are legally required to follow numerous constitutionally mandated procedures during arrests and investigations. If government officials did not conduct themselves properly, your ability to win your case will be increased.

If you have questions regarding search and seizure laws, the reading of your Miranda rights and other procedural issues, contact the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. Firm attorneys Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth:

  • Are former prosecutors and are therefore highly familiar with the rules and procedures police officers must follow when making an arrest.
  • Are experienced trial attorneys and criminal defense lawyers. We have successfully argued for the reduction and dismissal of charges in numerous cases due to search and seizure, Fourth Amendment and Miranda rights issues.

If you have questions regarding rights violations during an arrest or during a criminal investigation, contact the experienced trial litigators of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. Dial 407-377-0150 for a Free initial consultation.

Fighting a Charge After Your Rights Were Violated

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we can investigate whether police had a valid reason to come into contact with you, and can question whether the search of your car, home or person was legal and valid. We can also investigate whether your Fourth Amendment rights and other rights were respected if you were taken into custody.

Don’t assume police officers follow the laws they’re bound to obey. Instead, get a professional and experienced analysis of your rights by contacting us for a no-charge case review.