In the fairly recent past, the phrase “drug charges” most often referred to illegal drugs. Now, with the increase in the use of and addiction to prescription medications, drug charges often refer to prescription drug fraud.

Prescription drug fraud can result from numerous illegal activities. Frequent acts that can lead to prescription fraud charges include:

  • Changing a legal prescription to increase the amount of drugs received
  • Altering prescription pads so that the prescription is illegally verified
  • Stealing drugs and prescription pads
  • Doctor shopping and pharmacy shopping

Doctors and pharmacists can also face prescription drug fraud charges if they overly prescribe drugs or pass out drugs with no prescription.

Legal Help With Criminal Charges Related to Prescription Narcotics

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Often, prescription drug charges result from an addiction to OxyContin or another painkiller. While addiction doesn’t change the nature of the charge, prosecutors are often willing to extend leniency when the full facts of the case are presented to them.

As former prosecutors, we are skilled both at fighting prescription fraud charges and at negotiating with prosecutors to minimize legal penalties. For more information and to schedule a no-charge consultation with an Orlando prescription fraud attorney, please contact our offices.