Pretrial Diversion Programs

Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD) also referred to as County Diversion Program (CDP), Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) or Deferred Prosecution is typically intended for first time offenders and reserved for only select crimes. However, there are circumstances where a Defendant may be accepted with a prior criminal offense. The State Attorney’s Office will consider cases involving victims for pretrial diversion (for example: theft and battery). These victims will be contacted by the State Attorney for permission into pretrial diversion. Felony Cases are administered by the Florida State Department of Corrections. Misdemeanors are usually administered by the County Division of Corrections, Diversion Services Program.

Entry into the Pretrial diversion program is discretionary and determined on a case by case basis. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney can help with acceptance into the program.

The pretrial diversion programs are controlled by each individual State Attorney’s Office. For example, the rules required for Seminole County pretrial diversion may not be the same for the Orange County pretrial diversion program. The intended purpose for diversion is to basically give a break to the first time offender. Many times the sanctions imposed through the pretrial diversion program are more stringent than a typical sentence through the courts. The pretrial diversion program requirements will include drug or alcohol counseling, anger management classes, community service and random drug testing. Depending on the original criminal charge, the State Attorney will have different requirements in order to complete the program. For instance in a drug charge, a requirement may be drug counseling whereas in a battery offense, the diversion program may require an anger management class. The participants of pretrial diversion will also be required to report to an officer once a month. Upon successful completion of the pretrial diversion program, the State Attorney will file a formal dismissal of the criminal charge.

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Each county has their own name for these programs so we can discuss your options for any of the Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD), County Diversion Program (CDP), Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) or Deferred Prosecution. The attorneys in our firm offer a free consultation to review all the police reports, statements and documents related to your case and make a full evaluation. We will discuss with you all possible opportunities including entering into a pretrial diversion program and the requirements for completion.