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Missing a scheduled court date can result in serious consequences. While you may think that ignoring your court date can make the matter go away, the reality is that missing your court date can bring even greater problems. Missing a court date can result in an arrest warrant as well as a revocation of bail.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando, Florida, defense lawyers represent people throughout Central Florida. If you missed a court appearance or recently learned there is a warrant for your arrest, you must take legal action. Whether it was intentional, inadvertent, a mix-up with the dates or even because you did not receive notice from the clerk of court, we can help when you fail to appear for a scheduled court date.

Consequences for Failing to Appear at Scheduled Court Date

As former prosecutors who now focus entirely on criminal defense, we can help you avoid or minimize the punishments of failing to appear in court. Potential punishments include:

  • New criminal charges and potential jail time when considered with the original charges
  • A bench warrant issued for your arrest
  • Revocation of bond status
  • Enhanced prosecution strategies

Is There a Warrant for Your Arrest?

It is possible to have a warrant for your arrest set aside. As your experienced criminal defense lawyers, we can assist you if you have missed a court date and now have an active warrant for your arrest. We regularly assist individuals with this problem as it often arises during background checks for jobs and rental applications.

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If you failed to appear in court on a scheduled date, or if there is a warrant for your arrest because you missed a court date, you need highly effective defense services. Let our attorneys fight for you. Contact our Florida criminal defense law firm online, or call us at 407-377-0150 today to learn more.