George Zimmerman acquitted of domestic violence charges in Florida

Florida resident George Zimmerman will not face domestic violence charges because evidence is limited in his alleged matter, according to the Huffington Post. Zimmerman faced charges of aggravated assault, criminal mischief and battery following a November 2013 incident at a Florida home, which he once shared with his girlfriend.

Initially, the girlfriend told police that Zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her face during a heated dispute. She also claimed that the suspect broke her coffee table and pushed her out of the couple’s home. However, ultimately, the girlfriend recanted her story and prosecutorial evidence became slim in the matter.

Yet, it was more than just a recanted accusation. There was also lack of other corroborating evidence, according to State Attorney Phil Archer of Seminole County. In fact, law enforcement went as far as indicating that there was no reasonable chance of a victorious prosecution. Had Zimmerman been convicted of felony assault and related domestic violence charges, the defendant could have received a maximum of five years in behind bars.

The suspect was freed on bail prior to the dismissal of charges. While the case was pending, he had been ordered to keep a distance from the girlfriend’s home. As a result, Zimmerman’s attorney recently filed a motion to have a court lift the no-contact order.

This is not Zimmerman’s first run-in with the law. Many Florida natives know the suspect for his notorious murder acquittal last summer involving 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The case triggered a nationwide discussion concerning race and self-defense laws.

Ultimately, it appears as though criminal charges continue to shadow the well-known defendant. Nevertheless, he has managed to secure acquittals in the criminal justice system.

Florida domestic violence

As one can see from the aforementioned case, it is helpful to have solid legal assistance when confronting criminal matters. Without legal help, Zimmerman could have been subject to a very different outcome. When allegations concerning domestic violence come forward, it is especially helpful to have a professional by your side.