How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney?

If you have never hired an attorney you may be curious as to the cost. Like everything else in life money will play a role in who you decide to retain for your legal needs.

  • The fees associated with a criminal charge vary depending upon the allegations and the attorney. Some criminal lawyers have a flat rate depending upon the criminal offense and some charge an hourly rate. Every law firm makes their own decision on what they feel is an appropriate fee for the work that will be conducted on their client’s behalf.
  • Before you make a decision on which criminal lawyer to hire make sure that you have had the opportunity to speak with them and feel comfortable with their representation. Many defense attorneys, including our firm, offer a free consultation.
  • Some criminal lawyers offer a payment plan. Again every law firm is different and every case is different. At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law we understand that a criminal arrest is never budgeted for in a person’s monthly expenses. With that in mind we are often willing to work with our client to make the fees more affordable.
  • In addition to the fee you are paying for legal representation, there may be additional cost. These costs are associated with serving subpoenas, hiring court reporters, or retaining an expert or private investigator. Again, every case is different and needs to be discussed with the attorney.

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