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According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a construction worker has suffered a tragic death after being struck by an alleged drunk driver. Police say that the driver hit two workers on U.S. Highway 41 in Port Charlotte. The men were completing road maintenance tasks at the time of the crash.

Troopers report that the 26-year-old driver who allegedly caused the collision did not see a pickup truck ahead of him, even though its overhead warning lights were activated. The man’s car struck two men who were standing outside of the truck and pinned them between the two vehicles.

The struck men were 22 and 39 years of age. The 39-year-old man died not long after being transported to the hospital for treatment. The 22-year-old man was last reported to be in critical condition. A 6-year-old child who was riding with the driver was also transported to the hospital after suffering minor injuries. The driver survived, but he was subsequently arrested on various charges, including DUI serious bodily injury, DUI property damage and DUI manslaughter.

Multiple DUI offenses relating to a fatal and injury-causing Florida car accident could result in the accused person being sentenced to jail. However, during any kind of DUI proceedings, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused person is actually guilty of the crime. This is more difficult to do than may readily appear in many cases; therefore, defendants may have the opportunity to get certain charges thrown out, dropped or dismissed and increase the ultimate outcome of his or her legal proceedings considerably.

Source: myfoxorlando.com, “Construction worker killed in drunk driving crash” Aug. 01, 2014

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