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2 Orlando men accused of running a prostitution ring

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 13, 2014

Ten individuals have been arrested in connection with an alleged organized crime and prostitution ring in Orlando. Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation completed the arrests after raiding three different homes on a recent Wednesday. The arrests came following a 16-year-old going to police to say that she and other individuals had been forced into prostitution by the alleged crime ring.

Law enforcement agents believe that the operation included approximately 10 sex workers. Allegedly, clients would meet the prostitutes in hotel rooms or at local homes. In some cases, the pimps would rob the men who had shown up for sex services.

According to a lieutenant from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, some of the arrested individuals and suspects were armed with firearms. Two of men, aged 33 and 28, have been arrested and accused of being the leaders of the alleged crime ring. Allegedly, the men controlled their prostitutes through violence and threats, and they also allegedly bribed prostitutes with drugs.

The two alleged ringleaders of this Orlando prostitution group face a total of 50 misdemeanor and 90 felony charges. The charges are exceedingly serious, including battery, drug trafficking, armed robbery and other charges. Charges of human trafficking may also be made against the men.

Even if these men are found guilty of a few of the highly serious charges being brought against them, they could be forced to spend many years behind bars. For this reason, their legal defense representative must handle their legal defense with intelligence and an in-depth understanding of the law. During their legal defense, the men may try to cast doubt on the prosecution’s version of the facts, and/or they may try to reach a plea bargaining agreement.

Source: News 13, “Career criminals’ arrested in Orlando prostitution bust” Margaret Kavanagh, Jun. 04, 2014

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