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Alleged domestic violence by 'Talladega Nights' actor

Charges of domestic violence can be allotted to anyone, including actors and actresses. Recently, Luke Bigham, who starred in "Talladega Nights," was charged with domestic violence harassment for an argument between him and his mother. He allegedly shoved his mother into the stairs. His mother, who admitted she was in pain when the police arrived, refused medical attention.

Bigham apparently has also been in other trouble lately. In June, he was involved in an accident where he was excessively exceeding the speed limit. Two passengers, as well as Bigham, suffered injuries in the accident. He turned himself into jail and was released later after a $1,000 bond was paid.

Justin Bieber goes to trial for Florida DUI

Just Bieber, who has risen to fame as a pop star out of Canada, was pulled over and arrested in Miami Beach earlier this year. Police said that he was driving under the influence, and he is now set to go to trail for those charges. The arrest happened on January 23, and the young singer was just 20 years old at the time.

Bieber was not the only performer who was named by police in the case. Allegedly, there was an R&B singer in another vehicle near him, and the police stated that they thought that the two cars were illegally racing. The other singer was also given DUI charges. Both he and Bieber decided that they would plead that they were not guilty of those accusations.

Florida man with extensive record assaults girl in Walmart

A man in Florida who has a list of arrests for sex crimes has recently found himself facing more charges after he allegedly touched a girl while in a local Walmart. Most recently, the man was allowed to leave prison in the summer of 2013. This event could end up putting him back behind bars again if he is convicted.

According to authorities, the entire thing was recording by the various security cameras in the department store. It appears that the man followed the girl, perhaps establishing an intent to assault her. He then touched her the first time, and she went to another part of the store. The man allegedly tracked her down there and touched her again.

Orlando car dealership employee arrested for drug trafficking

Drug trafficking charges in Florida can result in serious consequences. Minimum sentences for drug trafficking, depending on the amount, can range from three to 25 years. Just being charged, innocent or guilty, can ruin your reputation and be expensive in numerous ways. In addition, under RICO, which is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, your assets and even your home could potentially be seized if suspected of being purchased with drug money or through drug activity.

A good defense is a must if you are charged with possession, conspiracy or trafficking narcotics or drugs. You will need an attorney who is willing and able to challenge the evidence and accusations presented by the prosecution team. An aggressive defense may be the only chance you have of keeping your life intact.

Police officer arrested for possible prescription DUI offense

A police officer has been taken into custody on charges of drunk driving in Florida. The officer, who is employed by the Daytona Police Department, was arrested in the very same city after she lost control of her personal vehicle and crashed it into a ditch. Fortunately, neither she nor anyone else suffered injury in the incident, but the Mustang she was driving was damaged on its left side.

The crash and arrest occurred on a recent Thursday evening at approximately 11 p.m. According to the arrest report, the woman failed to negotiate a turn. When officers arrived on scene, the allegedly woman smelled of alcohol and was walking unsteadily.

Man accused of assault charged with domestic strangulation

A Florida man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly violated a protective order against his wife and attacked her on June 15. The defendant, age 50, apparently got into an argument with the woman over the no-contact order, which was related to a previous allegation of domestic abuse. The defendant is accused of domestic strangulation after apparently choking the woman until she became unconscious.

The alleged victim in this case was able to leave the premises, even though the man apparently choked her into unconsciousness twice during the encounter. The woman was also shoved into a mirror, causing her to suffer a painful laceration. The defendant is accused of aggravated battery, domestic battery by strangulation, kidnapping and violating his conditions of pretrial release.

Florida requies car seats through age 5

Instituting new restrictions on the public is usually a bad idea.  However, the Florida legislature and Gov. Scott certainly go this right.  Until today, Florida only required children through age three to be in car seats.  The new law requires kids to be in either a 5-point harness or use a booster seat until their 6th birthday.

Governor signs new law for Leaving the scene of an accident

Governor Scott signed tougher penalties into law for leaving the scene of an accident criminal charges in the State of Florida.  The Bill is called the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, named after a 35 year old South Florida Man killed in 2012 while bicycling.  The bill is focused on increases the penaty for charges related to causing serious injury to another person.  Governor Scott clearly is looking to protect families who are victims of these traffic offenses.  

Florida man found guilty for tax fraud and identity theft

White collar crimes come in all flavors. One of the more common ones in the last decade has been identity theft. This criminal offense, which has become more prevalent since technology has everyone doing business electronically, can branch off into numerous other crimes. Tax fraud is just one of them.

A Florida man from Polk County, Florida, pleaded guilty to identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for his part in a tax scheme. The 50-year-old man, along with alleged conspirators, used stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns. They used other people's names, birthdates and Social Security numbers to collect fraudulent tax refunds.

2 Orlando men accused of running a prostitution ring

Ten individuals have been arrested in connection with an alleged organized crime and prostitution ring in Orlando. Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation completed the arrests after raiding three different homes on a recent Wednesday. The arrests came following a 16-year-old going to police to say that she and other individuals had been forced into prostitution by the alleged crime ring.

Law enforcement agents believe that the operation included approximately 10 sex workers. Allegedly, clients would meet the prostitutes in hotel rooms or at local homes. In some cases, the pimps would rob the men who had shown up for sex services.

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