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Ex-police officer faces drug trafficking charges in federal court

A Florida police officer, who was formerly employed by the West Palm Beach Police Department, was terminated last year on allegations that he disregarded police department policy. Now, he has been charged with selling prescription drugs while he was on duty as a police officer. The 45-year-old man is facing the drug trafficking charges in federal court.

The policeman, who was employed for 18 years by the West Palm Beach Police Department, lost his job in August 2013. He was fired following his failure to respond immediately to a call at a high school. However, the man's employment record allegedly contains a number of infractions that required disciplinary action over the history of his career.

Ryan Malone facing DUI and cocaine charges

Ryan Malone, a forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning, is facing both DUI and cocaine charges after being arrested in Florida. Malone was driving in a large SUV when he made a left turn and ran over a curb. This was at 3:15 in the morning, and nearby officers were already watching the vehicle as this happened.

The officers responded by pulling the vehicle over. They thought that Malone was driving under the influence, but he would not do the field sobriety tests, as is his right. They took him in and gave him a breath test at the station. He took the test twice, and tests indicated that he had a blood alcohol content of .112 and .116. Both are over the legal limit in Florida, which is .08.

Cheating accusation ends in domestic assault charge for officer

Florida law enforcement officers are often called out to intervene in domestic violence issues. Sometimes, they find themselves visiting the same home over and over when they have two people with volatile tempers living in the same household. Their job is to protect each individual from harm, even if it means arresting and charging someone with domestic battery or enforcing a restraining order.

However, law enforcement officers can often be hot-tempered themselves and are not exempt from sometimes finding themselves in domestic family situations. In St. Cloud, a 36-year-old police officer recently found himself in this scenario. He is now on administrative leave due to a volatile argument he and his wife had gotten into.

25 suspects in Florida charged with ID theft and tax fraud

Twenty-five people in Florida were arrested and charged with counts of tax fraud and identify theft in the last few weeks, as authorities worked to crack down on what they say is a crime that has been growing in popularity lately. The crime can keep people who deserve tax returns from getting them, and it can net a lot of fraudulent returns for people who file under names that are not their own.

In this case, the total amount of money that was paid out before the Internal Revenue Service realized that tax fraud was taking place was about $9.5 million dollars. All told, though, around $36 million in false claims were submitted. This was the result of thousands of identities being stolen and used for a string of small claims.

Man given guilty verdict in DUI accident that killed dancer

A Florida man who struck and killed a Miami Heat dancer while in his vehicle has been given a guilty verdict in court after trying to fight the charges. He is looking at 15 years in prison for the accident, which took place back in 2010. The families of the dancer said that they felt justice had been served with this verdict, though those who supported the man were not so sure.

The problem with the verdict is that there was some talk during the trial that the jury, which was composed 100 percent of men, had a bias against men who were gay, as the defendant was. There were reports that they had been mocking him and using slurs when talking about him. One man was even sent home and not allowed to stay on the jury. The other jurors all denied that there was any bias involved, implying that they would have given the same verdict to anyone.

Florida man accused of misconduct with school age child

Sex crimes or accusations are filed at alarming rates in Florida and other places. These types of crimes generate a lot of emotion from citizens. Most people usually see the alleged perpetrator as being someone who has no scruples.

However, that is not always the case. Sometimes good people do bad things, and sometimes accusations are unfounded. Everyone deserves the depiction of innocence until proven guilty.

Seminole County Sex Sting...Again

Seems like every other month law enforcement is conducting another undercover child-sex sting operation.  This occurs so often you would think that the police are making money off these cases.  Well they are, or at least obtaining money to run these programs.  This time it was conducted in Seminole County and 26 men were arrested in "operation safenet".

$2 million meth bust in Polk County

Drug offenses can be quite serious, especially when there is a large quantity of drugs involved. Being convicted of a drug crime can have serious consequences. According to Florida statute 893.135(1)(f), the sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, or knowledgeable possession of more than 200 or more grams of meth is a 1st degree felony. The possible penalties include a 15-year prison sentence and a minimum mandatory fine of $250,000.

In what will go down as one of the largest methamphetamine busts in Florida in recent years, cops in Polk County seized a massive amount of meth and arrested 13 people on trafficking charges Wednesday. Twelve suspects remain at large. Operation Hoodoo Voodoo netted meth with a street value of $2 million, according to information released Wednesday in a press conference hosted by the Polk County sheriff.

Woman in Florida given DUI charge after running over pedestrians

A woman who was visiting Florida from Ohio drove into a group of pedestrians who were crossing the street, even pinning one under her car, and police later determined that she was well over the legal limit for alcohol consumption when the accident occurred.

The police had been assisting people who wanted to cross the street at a number of places due to the large crowds. The traffic had come to a stop, and the officers were letting people cross in front of the cars. According to a woman who saw the accident happen, some people decided just to cut through the stopped traffic, going behind the cars instead of crossing where the officers were standing. As they were crossing the street, they walked right into the truck's path, and the woman ran into them.

Woman fails field sobriety tests, arrested for DUI

A 28-year-old woman, who two years ago, was charged with burning down "The Senator" has been arrested once again. The Senator is a large bald cypress tree in Longwood, Florida, that was a focal point for tourists. At a majestic 118-foot tall and 18 feet in diameter, it was considered one of the largest of its kind in the world.

The woman allegedly lit a fire in the tree so she would have light to take her illegal drugs. Once the Senator caught, it burned for hours until it finally crumpled to the ground. The woman is still facing charges for this crime.

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