An underage drinking charge can lead to life-altering consequences, and even felony charges. If you have been accused of possession of a fake ID or underage drinking, contact an Orlando criminal defense attorney to help protect your rights.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law are former prosecutors with experience in the criminal justice system from each perspective. We represent minors accused o of criminal juvenile offenses in a broad spectrum of situations:

  • Possession of an altered ID card
  • Possession of another’s identification card
  • Fake ID possession
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor
  • Possession of an open container
  • Underage DUI

Guiding You Through an Often Difficult Time

Many times, allegations of underage drinking or possession of a fake ID happen to people with no previous criminal history. They are unsure of the legal system and worry about making the right choices. At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we provide these clients with the guidance they need to obtain the best possible results during an often difficult time.

Before you enter in a guilty plea to underage drinking or possession of a fake ID, understand the consequences of your choice. Unfortunately, the court may not make the full scope of these consequences clear to you. A guilty plea could mean loss of financial aid, trouble getting meaningful employment or consequences at your or your child’s university.

Our lawyers have represented many students at local community colleges, four-year institutions, and universities including Rollins, University of Central Florida (UCF) and Full Sail University. We understand the concerns you may have and strive to help you minimize the potential consequences of the charges you face.